OnlyOffice integration help

I have noticed that OnlyOffice is not updating the activity change for users who make changes to a document that is in a group folder.

It works fine and displays the correct activity to a document that is shared normally, just not to documents in a group folder.

Has anyone seen this before?
Any ideas what might be going on, or what we might need to do/change/enable to get this to work?



Never had this issue before.
I am also using OnlyOffice and it works like it should.

I have a separated server for OnlyOffice


I have Only office running on its own server as I have a cluster setup so nextcloud can run in a high availability setup.

This is not critical but as this tool gets used more and more on a daily basis by my entire company, it would be nice for everyone in a group folder to see the “who, what, where” of a document.