OnlyOffice ignores LDAP Groups in Restrict access to editors to following groups

Hello and thanks for reading this :wave:

I upgraded our Nextcloud to version 20.0.2-0 running as a Univention App.
We are also running ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition version also as a Univention App with a licence for 200 connections.

I configured the group restriction for OnlyOffice.

Now I access a test file as the Admin user with the default Nextcloud group admin. Who should have access according to the group restriction.

No Problem, all good.

Now comes the ‘not working’ part.

Now I want to use OnlyOffice with a User from the gws-1b group.

Tamila Test has the gws-1b group.
A quick impersonate.
And a lick on a document.

Just the download option.
And I just cant figure out why this is happening.

Obligatory “It worked before I updated” mimimi.
It did tho.

Since this will limit all users and block HomeOffice I have to disable the group restriction, which is kinda meh since the licence only allows 200 Users to edit at the same time.
This rarely happens but we don’t want to risk that.

Maybe you people got some idea what is going on here.

I know topic bumping is kinda rude, but this issue wont let me go.