Onlyoffice EE certificate key too weak

So i’ve just reinstalled Nextcloud on a new Host, had every Command and everything documented from the last Installation i did and now i am stuck on Onlyoffice Installation.
Nextcloud and Onlyoffice are both running on the same Machine, used the installation instructions from nerdonthestreets which have been working for me for quite a lot of installations yet.

Now the Onlyoffice Document Server returns true when going to, the welcome Page under also shows. In the Nextcloud App i have added the correct address and the correct secret, in the config.php i added the ‘verify_peer_off’ => TRUE and the ‘allow_local_remote_servers’ => true

Reinstalling the Document-Server doesnt help either.
Still i get this Error: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: EE certificate key too weak

I managed to resolve this issue. It was very obivous. I forgot to add the domain for onlyoffice into the /etc/hosts file