Onlyoffice Download Not permitted: 121660

Hi all;

My name is David (sysadmin) and i have been working with Nextcloud for a while in a SMB environments. Well im experiencing a estrange issue when onlyoffice and File accesscontrols is in place in the same folder.

So if i create a rule in accescontrol:
I.e If the Folders is Tagged with Private — then only give access to Group x. The files inside this Private folder are not able to open by OnlyOffice in spite you are part of the condition Group. The other actions in web nextcloud are permitted as expected…

Onlyoffice is thouwing the error in Onlyoffice screen " Download Failed" and in Logs “error Onlyoffice Download Not permitted: 121660”

Anybody knows or there is any solution or work around for this annoying issue?

Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day.