Onlyoffice does not work after update

Hi, after updating Nexcloud to version 19.0.4, onlyoffice stoped to work and now I get this message when I try to edit a file.
I’ve uninstalled the community document server and onlyoffice apps and reinstalled but the problem persists.
Do you know wha’s the problem?

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I have just updated 2 servers to NC 20.0.1 and Only office is not even showing up anymore…
I have installed and uninstalled the app, server, everything, but I can’t get the OnlyOffice Icons to show-up in the menus.
Also, when going to the Setup page, I don’t see file association options anymore.

I needed this for a demo this week… I am really bummed-out :frowning:

Nevermind… found the issue… The document server was crashed and when it is, the menu stops showing only office integration (before it would show it but result in errors)

Make sure your document server is running and connect to it, it should work…

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I’m using the Community Document Server but it seems that is not working very well in the last versiones. At least the comments are not good.
Can somebody help me with the installation of the OnlyOffice document server in the same host as Nextcloud.
I’ve installed Nextcloud with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDb and PHP) on Ubuntu 20.04.

I used the docker versions to install and it works great, what are you using?

But using the same server?

you have to logout and login. Thats was the solution for me

I can’t help you right now as I installed it in my URAID server and the process is simpler than installing on a VPS…

I will be installing it on our VPS this fall so I will report on the method used… Sorry to not be of more assistance at the moment.

You could give the docker repo a read, might help!

Finally, I was able to integrate Onlyoffice document server in both ways (on a separate server and on the same server with Nginx) with the following links:

I did all of that too and i have a working onlyoffice doc server. Both the nextcloud hub and the onlyoffice doc server are SSL. The connector always times out in a curl command. If I instead install the onlyoffice community add-on in nextcloud, and then hit return on a blank server field, the connector will configure with the internal onlyoffice.

However, Nextcloud documents never provides a “+” menu option to create documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Did you every find a way past this problem?