ONLYOFFICE Docs version 7.1

ONLYOFFICE Docs version 7.1 is here:

  • ARM support.

  • New PDF/XPS/DjVu viewer.

  • PDF to DOCX conversion.

  • Spreadsheets: print preview, more options in the View tab, new currency formats, tooltips for formulas, text qualifier for imported files.

  • Presentations: ability to add and edit animations, slide duplication, slide moving from context menu.

  • General: View tab in documentss and presentations, more customization for autoshapes, new chart types, SmartArt support.

Read more details in ONLYOFFICE blog.

Find the full changelog on GitHub.


Hello, great release, thanks! :tada:

Is the new arm compatible docker container image already available on docker hub? I cannot find it when looking at Docker Hub

Hi! As for the current plan, the Docker image will be there next week.

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Great, thank you! :slight_smile: