OnlyOffice Community Server not supported

Hello Forum,

I’ve recently upgraded my Nextcloud to 23 (Hub 2) and I’m surprised to see that OnlyOffice Document server has not been upgraded to support Nextcloud 23? Why does Nextcloud in their blogpost:

The above post hi-lites Nextcloud Office and even mention OnlyOffice where clearly OnlyOffice can’t work in Nextcloud 23? I know OnlyOffice is not a “Featured” app and is supported by third parties but why can’t Nextcloud support OnlyOffice as a featured app. And why promote an app that is unsupported?

Thank you.

It still works fine with the official OnlyOffice Document server (which btw recently added a nice Debian repository, so Docker isn’t a requirement any longer).

The php based community server is kinda buggy anyways, not sure if Nextcloud GmbH is planning to support it further, now that they seem to have decided to use a Collabora Office based solution as their primary office integration.