Onlyoffice Collaboration tab user modification error

Hello all,

Since many week, the history information in collaboration tab in onlyoffice not show the real information. I have the information about the different version, but the name of modifier is the name of the user who is connected and not the real modifier.
Are you the same problem ? My NC and Onlyoffice run on docker in two different Stack.
Thanks for your helps and reply.

Kind regards


Since you’ve given NO needed information nobody will be able to help you…

What’s the version of OO? What’s the version of the OO-App? Did you change anything? Maybe updated something? Are there errors in the logs?


The version of Nextcloud is 21.0.4, docker version. The version of Onlyoffice integration App is 7.2.0 and Onlyoffice docker version is 6.4.

There are no logs errors.

Thanks you!