Onlyoffice co editing

hello @all

i have been trying to test the co editing is onlyoffice but seems there is a problem after the new update…so 1 file 2 users. 1 user types in the field the other user does not see the data but strangely the mouse cursor show where the user 1 is pointing at to the doc…

any ideas ? has anyone had trouble with this ? i am using community doc server…

many thanks

Hi @mrperk, if you can install onlyoffice document server, I recommend yu to install it. It’s a better way to use onlyoffice.

Have you already uninstall then install the app community doc server ??

hello and thanks for responding !!!

yes i have already uninstall and re isntall both the app and community server and still nothing with co editing.its very strange.
as we speak i am trying to install onlyoffice comunity to a windows server but i get errors there so my next step it to try and install it to ubuntu server 20.4 or the next version.
Do you by any chance have a tutorial step by step ? maybe i am doing something wrong ???

i have already installed nextcloud to ubuntu server 20.4 i mean the snap the ready you think its possible to install onlyoffice to the same server? cause i read that people have problem with the port afterwards. because both use port 80. and since i m not very good with configuration i am thinking it a lot …

@mrperk you can install onlyoffice server on the same machine (make sure to edit the port of onlyoffice service to avoid problem with port 80). If you click on the link attached on my first comment and chose Ubuntu you have an official step by step installation. If you have any problems, I can help you.

thank you very much for both your time and help mageunic !!!i will drop a line here in case i have a problem.
i will try and use the link you send me to try and make the installation now!!!
so basically its
and then
bash -dp 8080 in my case lets say 8180 ?
and that is it ? afterwards i just change the ip in the community app in nextcloud to the ip with the new port ?

thanks again for your time !!! i really appreciate it !!!