Onlyoffice- Change not visible

Sorry for my google translation English.
Here is my problem under Onlyoffice.
When I modify under Onlyoffice (world, excel or others) this one indicates to me record made.

But when I download word file and open it on my post the changes visible under onlyoffice does not appear

Here is a screen:

Test well present in Onlyoffice, nothing under WORD:

You have to close the file in OO after several seconds it will write the file from the document server to the nextcloud back.

Thank you for your prompt response.

The change does not work despite closing OO

Here is a screen:edit 15 minutes ago


this is a very common issue with OO. It is most often caused, by some SSL certificate issue. I had the same issue and solved it through this post from the OO forums:

OO certificate issue

After I worked through that, my OO document server started to behave itself.

Thank you I come back to you after test

@OzLeChat Did you found the solution?