OnlyOffice and Collabra together?

We have a long history of using LibreOffice internally. Recently however a part of our business now needs to store and edit Microsoft formats. I’ve installed OnlyOffice in a docker container and its working well. However if I enable OnlyOffice to edit formats like ods it comes with a warning

Open the file for editing (due to format restrictions, the data might be lost when saving to the formats from the list below)
This is a scary statement. Should I rather install Collabra alongside OnlyOffice so they can handle different formats? (If that is even possible)

Perhaps you must only add or remove file suffixes at this position (sorry not english).

Thanks devnull

To elaborate I guess I’m asking how serious is this risk of “lost data” that onlyoffice warn about if we use it to also edit libre document types. If it is very serious then I guess I should consider dual installation.

Interested in the communities mind.

Basically, I think Collabora Online is more for LibreOffice documents and OnlyOffice is more for Microsoft Office documents.

Parallel installation I do not know: Then Nextcloud might have developed Nextcloud Office differently in the last release. Because I do not think that all users use only LibreOffice documents. But maybe I am wrong here.