OnlyOffcie Community Server on shared hoster


I have NC & OO running on IONOS

  • NC20
  • Document Server 0.1.8
  • Onlyoffice app 6.2.0

Everything works pretty smooth, but the changes are not saved back to the NC server after editing.
When I use “save as” in OO, a new document is created in NC.

According to several notes, cron ./occ documentserver:flush should do the job, but then I find this error in the log

“Exception”:“OCA\DocumentServer\Document\DocumentConversionException”,“Message”:"\n#\n# Fatal process OOM in Zone\n#\n\nReceived signal 4 ILL_ILLOPN

This is triggered on $process = proc_open($cmd, $descriptorSpec, $pipes, self::BINARY_DIRECTORY, []); where the x2t conversion is called

I assume “OOM” is an out of memory?
I switched from cron to web-cron to check if a web-request has more memory than console, but now difference.
I did a lot of logging inside the coding but could not find anything meaningful.

any suggestion is welcome

topic is stopped

I started a “cloud s” server on ionos and applied the OO-docker. working without issues