Only upload (no see) to selected folders

Hello, is possible to show all folders without the files but able to upload the files? The default one makes able only ot upload files into a folder, but if i have subfolders i can’t upload to the subfolders

Hello? BUMP

I think it is not possible. But you can create a text file (md) and put the links in the text file.

Test the link. You can click a and b to different uploads.
Please post a reply. Then i delete the shares.

Yeah that’s a good idea but i will upload folders constantly…

I think it is not possible. Read perhaps Files access control but i think it does not help.
If there are only a few known users you can perhaps use the Guests app. You can easily put multiple folders to guests. Watch this video.

And also is possible to see but not download files?

The name of the file or the content of the file?
If you see the content of the file you can also download it or make a screenshot.
To deny the download with the “deny download option in sharing options” does not deny to make e.g. a screenshot. Also you find the file e.g. in the browser cache.
Read this or watch this video.