Only show one user in Talk video conference

Hi there,
is it possible to only show one user in a conference. I haven’t found a button for it and google wouldn’t help me either.
Imagine a teacher trying to show his screen to his students. Talk always tries to show tiles for all attendees which uses a lot of screen space that would be required for the teacher’s video stream. Is there a trick to do this?

Thanks in advance,

Click on the top right to toggle between grid and speaker view…


Thank you for your answer Henry, but that mode still shows the other users… in a school lesson you might want to view only the teacher and completely hide all other users (students). That’s not possible, is it?

There currently is no such feature as far as I know. The only thing you can do is to switch off the video of other participants one-by-one as moderator of the call, by clicking the “disable video” button on their avatars.