Only parts of an existing Backup-file needed

My NC 15 server crashed. Luckily I do have a recent backup. The only downside is, that the backup is on my on my local HDD, here at my home, whereas the server is located in a data center.
With my narrow internet uplink, it’d take days or even weeks to upload the entire back onto the server.

Now, I actually don’t need all the files that have been on my NC. In fact, I only need like 10% of it.
So my question is, can I neglect 90% of the files? What will happen to the links of the missing files in the data base, once NC is running again? Is there something like a clean up function?

Or would you strongly not recommend to do so?


adjusted thread title a bit…

and while i’m writing i should add: a bit more info about your environment would be nice. PLUS a hint to which backup-solution you used.

I’m going to proceed like described in here:

Have the required files available.

Running NC 15 on Ubuntu and Apache with MySQL database. Access via SSH.