Only office integration with nextcloud 13.04 broken

I have an issue with integrating nextcloud 13.04 and only office.
I have two seperated machines, one for nextcloud and one for running only office on Ubuntu.
I use lets encrypt certificates.
I’ve checked the connection using wget, which works, but in nextcloud there’s no option to create a new excel or docx file (see screenshot).

I get the following error when I save the settings in the only office app:

I’ve already trying to remove and reinstall the only office app from the nextcloud app store (v1.3), but it didn’t solve the issue.

I know this doesn’t really help you, but on my system with 13.0.4 and onlyoffice on a separate machine it still works.

Yes I also made it work on another small system at home.
When I reinstall openoffice the option to create a file don’t even appear on nextcloud (like in the first pic).
I suspect I have to purge some config somewhere? Any suggestions what it could be?

Maybe related to custom minetype mapping? Any custom config you did for the app? I guess there could be a conflict with .xml config?
But in general OnlyOffice and works together, so it must be some custom config you did.


Did you check your settings for the Onlyoffice app? Anything you might have misconfigured there?
Did it work before?