Only office broken after Nextcloud 23 upgrade

I upgraded to Nextcloud 23 and it seems to have broken Onlyoffice. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I’m stuck. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling both OnlyOffice and the Community document server and can’t get it resolved. When I click on an XLS file it simply download it rather than opening it. When I go to settings from the admin and try and save Onlyoffice’s settings I get an error rror when trying to connect (Client error: GET https://.../healthcheck resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response:
{“message”:“Current user is not logged in”}

When I originally was prompted to install 23 it mentioned there was no update for the Community document server for 23, is this the issue?

I tried moving to Collabora and that isn’t working either, it also simply downloads the file.

I’m stumped. Anyone? Please?

I gave up and rebuilt it from scratch, problem solved.