Only admin can create user

How can it be that only admin in nextcloud can create users.
I read that also users should be able to create users.
Where is my problem or mistake?

Where did you read that?


There is written:
Nextcloud has two types of administrators: Super Administrators and Group Administrators. Group administrators have the rights to create, edit and delete users in their assigned groups. Group administrators cannot access system settings, or add or modify users in the groups that they are not Group Administrators for.

So it should be possible for a user to create users in its own Group if it has the rights as
group admin.
That is what am looking for and I am not able to add a user as group admin.

There is a column (6th) in the user overview “Group admin for”. Did you enable that and it doesn’t work or do you not see this option?

All that is done but no user can add a new one.
Before changing from owncloud 9 to nextcloud 9 it was working.
I realized it a couple of days ago.
See screenshot

It works on my test setup (was a daily version of NC 11). So I can’t really reproduce this. And if you login as one of the users who is group admin, you don’t get to the user admin page?

You are using the current version of NC 9 (9.0.54)?

If I login as a user I get the user admin page but if I fill in a new user with password then nothing happens.
If I login as admin I see that version 10.01 is installed.

Ok, the version is right. Can you check your logfiles for errors?

In the logfiles I only see some problems with nextcloud apstore.
If you like I can give you access to my nextcloud as well as ssh to my server

Now I installed a new server from scretch with ubuntu 16.04 php7 mariadb and followed the installation instructions for mysql. The database of mysql is on an external HD. After first installation of NC and modification of config.php in nextcloud I try to add a user with admin privileges but it was not possible.

So I decide to install all including database for NC new and haven’t done any changes in config.php but to add a user is not possible. A group can be added but no user.
Where is my problem. As far it is a testserver I can open it for you to search.

Ok now found the problem in mariadb. On ext HD the rights were not given correctly.
Afterwards I made an update of NC again and got an error called:

Curl error: malformed

The last update was working without that errormessage

How can I give a user permission to create groups without making them a super admin? There’s got to be a way. For example, I would like to give a teacher the capability or access to create her students and put them in groups without her accessing the admin settings.

I am not talking about groups. My problem was that a user can not create a user within its own group.