Only a few contacts imported/displayed in Maps

Hi all,

only a few of my contacts are imported/displayed by the official Nextcloud maps application. Corresponding bug reports have already been submitted,

but have been left unanswered by the developer. May I kindly ask if this application is currently under active development? Any kind of feedback on that would be greatly appreciated, or even a hint for a workaround or troubleshooting.

My setup:
Debian Testing (12, Bookworm), NGINX V1.21.1, MariaDB V10.5.12, PHP V8.0.9, Nextcloud V21.0.2.1, Contacts V4.0.1, Maps V0.1.9

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We had the same issue. The reason / solution is: As soon as the Country Field is filled, the contact does not show up on the map.
Sometimes the contact is still there if there is only a “DE” or “De” in the country-field, or some “…” dots don’t hurt either, but we could not figure out any real systematc.
GE works fine, GER does not.

I am new here, so I don’t really know, where to put the bug report. May be, if others can confirm what we observered, there is someone who can file the corresponding bug report.

Mike Knife

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I created a support request here : Map did not point to correct contact (address book/group) link
It seams that the neither right address book and contact group nor the language is used correct.
I think the reference only works with the default language (english) and the default address book and group.
But my problem is the reference from the map to the contact. I see all contacts at the map when i leave the country and the state empty :smirk:. But i only have contacts at the set country on settings - in my case germany.