Only 6 directories get sync’ed

I’ve just setup Nextcloud on DigitalOcean and with external S3 storage connected.
I’ve started sync’ing my Nextcloud directory (D:\Nextcloud) on my Win10 Computer.
But Nextclould will only sync 6 non-hidden directories out of about 23. Only a subset of files and directories in the last sync’ed non-hidden directory have been sync’ed.
The Serverside log doesn’t show any Error that indicates why only 6 folders can be sync’ed here.

There are no not-sync’ed files or directories shown in the nextcloud-client (v2.3.3), and I haven’t specified any additional files to ignore other than the apparently default ones.

When Nextcloud started sync’ing, the client showed that 97GB were to be sync’ed (which is a little less than the 101GB that windows shows is in directory) but only ~45GB seems to have made it. This is basically the size of the 6 folders which are sync’ed.

Does anyone have an idea where I should start looking to fix this problem?

Start with the client logfile (press F12 in the client window). Check your server log.

There have been a few posts where syncing to external storage was a bit of a problem (the issue and the linked ones were more related to SMB):

S3 & digital ocean: