Online Update to 11.0.4 stuck: Delete old files Not authenticated

Hi, 11.0.3 was running fine so far. However, now I want to update to 11.0.4 and the Online Updater stops at
Delete old files with the error Not authenticated
I imagine that I have to change rights of a particular directory (or erase it manually?); but which one?
PS: The .step file contains {“state”:“end”,“step”:8}
Best, Robert

I don’t know if it is the permission on the folder or the authentication on the session. You can do a manual update:

  • make backup
  • delete all files except data/ and config/ folder.
  • get archive of new version from and extract archive in your Nextcloud folder
  • adapt permissions of files if necessary
  • run upgrade command via terminal (occ upgrade) or open web-interface in browser (only if you haven’t terminal access).