One PC, two windows users, two NC accounts, one folder

My wife and I are using Nextcloud for our files. We have a shared Laptop. This is the configuration we’d like to have:

  • Both Windows users (my wife and me) have Nextcloud client installed
  • Each of us are connected to Nextcloud with our own NC account (to make changes attributable)
  • We both can see all the files in our Nextcloud (all files are shared with the other NC account)
  • We both want to use the same folder on our computer for Nextcloud. Folder is on a drive both Windows users have access to.

Is this possible? Or will a shared folder for two Nextcloud users always lead to trouble?

Hi @Discostu36

I would not do that. It almost certainly will lead to trouble. But since you share all the files anyways, you could use only one account to sync the files. Your wife for example could login with your account to the sync client and use the same local folder or vice versa. She could still use her account for logging into the webgui and to sync her calendars contacts etc…

On the other hand, storage is cheap these days. Why not separate everything and share only what is necessary and use Nextcloud as it is meant to be used. In the end, you never know what things will get chnaged in the future or whether you will find a use case that could cause problems with this configuration.

Or you could use the new Virtual Drive feature. Virtual Drive, only downloads the files that are actualy used. That’s probably the best solution if you want to safe storage space on your computer.

Thanks for your help. It seems that using two separate folders with virtual files is the best solution.

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Ok, maybe not. First, it gave me many times the error message “Couldn’t create placeholder info”.

Then, when I disabled virtual files, it deleted 2,000 files from my Nextcloud.

Virtual Files doesn’t seem to be production ready yet.