One contact list, shared with many, only edited by an admin

Hello all,

I just have a quick question:

Is it possible to create a contact list and share it with mobile devices BUT as a read only list? I am trying to keep people from adding contacts to my contact list.

I am currently using a Raspberry Pi 3, external hard drive and the Ubuntu Snap image. It is up and running. I can use the mobile app for Android and DAVdroid for my contacts.

Thanks for reading,

After some reading, I have found that the contact portion of Nextcloud is a database. Now I’m really lost. haha. How do I share the database and still retain control of the contacts added?

If this is not a Nextcloud question or issue, please let me know. You won’t hurt my feelings.


GOT IT! I took a look at the website for the app. I had no idea that it was an app. for Nextcloud.

Super easy to share a contact list. When I get back home, I will edit this post with some links or instructions.

HUGE thank you to the developers of Nextcloud and all the people who support it.


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