Ondrejs PPA is held

@enoch85 : i get this (in some ways awesome) message when running your update script:

Fetching latest packages with apt…
[|] Ondrejs PPA is installed. Holding PHP to avoid upgrading to a newer version without migration…

i installed it because Ubuntu 20.04 no longer includes php-smbclient as per these posts:


As i understand it, If the packages are all held, i won’t get security updates for 7.4 stuff… i should i be using pecl instead?

note to others - the steps for pecl would be
sudo apt install php-pear php-dev
sudo pecl install smbclient (as provided by https://github.com/eduardok/libsmbclient-php)

As Ondrejs packages are installed it will try to upgrade to PHP 8.0, and also install any old version of PHP if you have leftovers, risking that your whole setup crashes (and burns). To avoid this we hold php* so that the VM continues to be stable even if you chose to update without migrating OS (Ubuntu 20.04 don’t need Ondrejs PPA).

Doing it yourself, or using Ondrejs PPA gives you the latest PHP version which is much safer than staying on an old PHP version, but as you say, you won’t automatically get security updates. You can still choose to update manually.