Once again, Access outside off LAN

Hi All.

So (don’t know where to begin), I have this Orange PI Zero Plus, set up using this tutorial

I can easily access it without problems while I’m on wifi at home, check nearly the whole whole google and still couldn’t find the stuff I need.
I created a no-ip domain :), I forwarded 80/443, I made my OPI static IP on router,
Still can’t access it :frowning:
I’m not a IT guy. I’m studying power engineering and energy transmission technique, and I just need one place to keep my data, I have already filled up OneDrive and my 2 google account with collage stuff. So I’m really to have them stored all in one place, and be able to access them.
I need someones help to take me by the hand and walk with me.
Please don’t get mad at me :frowning: I can design more efficient components off a steam powered generator, but this, this is madness :open_mouth: how you guys understand whats going on.