On windows server 2016 error install nextcloud client

I am using windows server 2016 as a windows client with Nextcloud-3.1.3.
I cannot update the client to the newest version , i took the error:
“This application running in windows 10”

Can you plesae help me with that ?
For how long i can use the version Nextcloud-3.1.3. as a client on windows server 2016 ?

Kind Regards
Nick T.

Hi @mesogia, Nextcloud client 3.2 works at least on windows 10 but there is no information about windows server …
see : https://docs.nextcloud.com/desktop/3.2/installing.html#system-requirements

The nextcloud client 3.1 works at least on windows 8.1
see : https://docs.nextcloud.com/desktop/3.1/installing.html#system-requirements

I don’t know why it doesn’t works maybe your windows server versions is not support by the new features