On My Disk is launching crowdfunding campaign

Hi all! We got great news. We are launching crowdfunding campaign of our Connector at Crowd Supply. For those who missed our presentation at conference - it’s a kind of USB-to-Cloud adapter that connects USB/eSATA drives to a server as an external storage. The protocol is written from scratch, it is SSL-based and requires no static IP for storage device.

The goal of crowdfunding campaign is manufacturing a first batch of the devices, but it also important for us to get some extra resources to complete our work targeted on moving the code from the legacy core into a standalone app to make it compatible with the latest NC releases and available for the community. Also, the server side of the protocol needs to be “containerized” or packed as deb/rpm.

Here is our pre-launch page, please support us, subscribe for the news and tell you friends.

If any prototype will be available to testing, I will let you know here.

Alexey and the team.