On Linux, running desktop 3.13.0, get told 3.13.2 is available but it's not

I go to Download and install Nextcloud, and Linux only has 3.13.0 available for download.

I was running 3.13.2 and was notified that 3.13.3 was available. It wasn’t but is there if you edit the URL. I wouldn’t suggest installing that, though. I inadvertently downgraded to 13.3.0 as I didn’t notice that this is the version available via the download link. I assume there was a regression and they moved back to 13.3.0. Not great.

It’s likely just lag because the GmbH web site is managed separately. The official releases, which that page links to, are all published openly here: Releases · nextcloud-releases/desktop · GitHub

Hmm, I don’t think it is lag due to the fact that for a while the web download link was pointing to 3.13.1 and only when the client started to report that 3.13.2 was available did the website seem to get reverted to 3.13.0.

Since it’s been broken for a few days, could some mod please move this post to somewhere that the NC web people can see that they’ve got the wrong link for the Linux desktop client.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

In fact, for a period, the download link pointed to 13.3.2 and the client notified that 13.3.3 was available for download. I agree that lag doesn’t seem like a reasonable explanation.

Same problem here. I was on 3.13.2 and notified 3.13.3 was available. Downloaded and found myself back on 3.13.0 and keep getting notified 3.13.2 is available but that download is still 3.13.0