On Instant Upload, add option to delete files after some time (Select # of weeks or months from date pic was taken)

I like to have pictures I recently took on my phone as I often go back and look at pictures days or weeks after it was taken. I would like to have an option to do the instant upload as it is now but mark the file for deletion after 3 months for instance. The time should be a certain number of days, weeks or months after the file has been uploaded. There should also be a feature to allow you to keep certain pictures flagged by user indefinitely in case (maybe by moving to another folder or something like that).

An occasional pop-up asking if you want to free up space like what Google photos offers would be cool too, though this may have to wait until the sync engine is available to ensure it doesn’t just delete any photos (such as those that failed to upload) from disk.

@tobiasKaminsky @Andy

Hi Jason,

That feature is planed for v3 of the auto upload :slight_smile:


I thought I’d seen it mentioned :slight_smile: