On datastore deleted files still showing up on NC site

I am using Nextcloud 20.0.2 and sadly the retention app is (still) not working here.
So I tried to auto-delete files via script directly on the datastore of nextcloud.

find /opt/data-nextcloud/user/temp-files/ -type f -ctime +14 -delete

The auto deleting works quite well.

But the problem now is, that the on the datastore deleted files are still showing up on the nextcloud website of the user. When I try to download a deleted file here, I get an error.
I only can also delete the files from the nextcloud website manually, then they are completely gone.

But why are the deleted files still showing on the nextcloud site?

Short answer, because Nextcloud doesn’t directly access the file system, but instead reads the file information from a database. Make sure that you update the database by executing the “occ files:scan ...” command after you’ve deleted files.

thank you for the hint, I will give this a try!