Old Users shown in share dialog - maybe Cache Problem? How can I delete them?

Hi nextcloud community and thanks for helping me (maybe :smile: )

I have an issue regarding the ldap integration and some old users.
Let me explain it like this. I needed several attempts until all users from ldap found in our active directory showed up as expected. e.g. that the mailaddress was filled or that the user ID and the folder where the user files are saved was functional.

Now I have the right configuration setup, but the old trials are also shown in share dialog :frowning:
So under ldap integration app, there are all users from our company in a perfect shape…all seems fine!

But then I add a folder in nextcloud and I want to share it with others. If I type in the last name of a user, there are 2-3 users shown…one is the right one from the last attempt and the perfect link to my actually added users, but the others are “dead” links to users with the error message “No users or groups found for xy” (xy is the name of the user I have selected)

Can you tell my how I can delete this “cache”?! I don’t know where these dead users are saved :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,