Old error : Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server

I get this error

Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server.In both USE YOUR OWN SERVER and USE THE BUILT-IN CODE

but its work in

Pls help

try this

My issue was that I had office and office.mydomain.com pointed to in my /etc/hosts file removing this solved my issue

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What did you change it to?

I removed it so it now uses the DNS entry.

You could point it to your public ip in your hosts file

Thanks for reply me

I have done both.but still same error.I have attach server details, Nc settings and other info.

NC is installed on work.abc.com and wordpress is on abc.com. wordpress need loopback also.


Any help?

check the permissions on

for test u can change it with chmod 777
but for testing only then try again with sudo -u
and start it with ./


Hi n0plan

For which folder?
NC is installed in public_html folder.

yesterday. i was found this.

if u r unable to start Collabora_Online.AppImage
usually in your nextcloud folder eg something like this

check the permissions of Collabora_Online.AppImage if exec (hint: ls -la shoukd do the trick)
if not
chmod 777

then sudo -u www-data or the user that runs your www ./Collabora_Online.AppImage

but be aware this(chmod 777) is for testing only



Same error but server running.Please see screenshot

As you mention in the #2. I created a cron job for reboot.After reboot server is working. Now when i use this command i get this

But have same error.