OK to use Username in all big caps with Nextcloud?

Hi guys,

I plan to use a user name with small and big caps - that username is not being used again in nextcloud. but since there seemed to be an issue with owncloud before, i was wondering if anybody can tell me if its ok to use a username in all big caps?


I wouldnt use it. There are probably issues with all sorts of case insensitive file systems like NTFS and HFS on mac

Thanks Bernhard,

so you strongly recommend using ONLY small caps in the UID, right?

Because I see that UID popping up in shared calendards, adressbooks etc - would just look nicer to me to have it all big caps :wink:

But also, such decisions I obviously must make now, before the system goes live, because it can never be changed later…

That is something we should fix then :wink:

My szenario is probably pretty normal:

one “superuser” (lets call him that way for this example) owns an calender which he shares to user1 and user2 etc.

Now in my account “user1” (for example) in the mac adressbook the adressbook from my nextcloud will read like this


Its not tooo bad, but at least we could have a space before the brackets. and in my case, i wanted to see if I could also user “SUPERUSER” instead of “superuser”.

Exactly, I will have a look at this (have the same problem on my instance)

I created a fix for this: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/936

Feel free to test it yourself if you want.

Great! I will certainly do - can you tell me (i am a non developer) how i can implement that fix? thanks a lot!

Just a quick question: I am now using Nextcloud 10.1 - can I use this fix? Should I wait for Nextcloud 11? 11 is probably some months away, isn´t it?


There is a way to implement patches yourself: http://blog.jospoortvliet.com/2016/01/patching-owncloud-get-your-fix-now.html

The final patch is currently only applied to NC 11, there is no backport (NC < 11) fix linked. Be careful and do backups (ideally use it in a test environment first).