OJSXC & Circles

Is it likely in future iterations that NC chat and Circles app will be intergrated i.e. start a group chat room with members of a Circle? Thinking particularly in context of project teams/sub-teams, but can see more broadly social uses also.

It is not really ideal for chatting, but you can already share small messages/social status to a circle with the mood app.

Yes, we already discussed different possibilities to integrate an automated group chat, but had no time to implement it yet. If you like you can open an issue, so we don’t forget it and you can keep track of it, and maybe you can push development with a bounty.

related issue: https://github.com/jsxc/jsxc/issues/605

Would it be possible to chat with guests using the Guests app too?

One thing after another :slight_smile:. We always are looking for contributors, so if you are interested check out https://github.com/jsxc/jsxc/wiki/Contributor-Guide and get in touch with me, so that we can plan your pr.

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