Offline files download to wrong folder

I am new to Android after coming from the iOS world and I am new to Nextcloud so I apologize if this is the expected behavior but it doesn’t seem right to me.

Here is my problem: I uploaded several videos from my android phone to my Nextcloud server using the Nextcloud Android app. Once they were uploaded, I deleted the videos from the folder they were in on the android phones. Later I go view the video and it downloads onto the phone. Now coming from iOS I wouldn’t expect this to add the video back into my camera gallery but i understand why it does on Android. Since I don’t want the files in the gallery I added a .nomedia file to the Nextcloud folder and I deleted the videos again hoping they would download into the Nextcloud folder but instead they always download back to their original folder.

  1. How do these files “remember” where they are originally from?
  2. How can I force all offline Nextcloud downloads to stay inside the Nextcloud folder?

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A Tricky one :wink:
@aaronraimist the .nomedia file would be the right way to go to tell Android not to index the media files within the folder. The images themselves shouldn’t end up in the original folder since the Android app doesn’t remember where they came from originally.

To answer your questions to my best knowledge:

  1. They do not
  2. they do stay within the Nextcloud folders

@tobiasKaminsky can you comment on this. If I remember correctly any media downloads within Nextcloud client are pushed to the index. Is this something we do actively?

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I think I found out a way to make Nextcloud perform as expected. I was using the upload option “Delete file from source folder” and then later manually selecting “Set as available offline”. I think the Nextcloud app is remembering where the source folder was and it just downloads the file back into that folder. Maybe this is working as expected, I don’t know, you can tell me.

To make the app perform as I expect it should, I needed to select “Move file to Nextcloud folder” when uploading it. Then it will stay inside the Nextcloud folder (and because I put the .nomedia file, it doesn’t show up in the gallery, like I want).