(official VM) How to upgrade to the newest version (Ubuntu, PHP, etc)

I couldn’t find this in the FAQ. Is there a way to upgrade to the latest and greatest or am I supposed to export everything, set up a new vm and then import everything?

For instance my vm has PHP 7.4.3 and thee is even a warning about that shown in nextcloud.

hello @Bob.Dig you didn’t provide any valuable details so nobody can help you.

Generic upgrade instructions are here


depending on your installation there might be another process. Upgrading (and resulting issues) is one of the most common topics in this forum. Please use search function.

EDIT: Maybe that isn’t clear but I am using the official VM from hanssonit. From an appliance I would think it will upgrade everything by itself, if possible. Although I am using the latest version of nextcloud, PHP is to old.
And I am referring to the FAQ of the VM, there is no hint I could find, how to migrate to the “latest”.

obviously it was not clear as you didn’t provide the infromation before

Please take a look on the docs:

It is updateing itself… like I said, it is on the newest version of nextcloud. But other than that the VM itself isn’t.

The docs are known to me and don’t help, like I have said.

My question is towards the maintainer of the official vm or its users!

This forum is driven by community in their spare time. I kindly ask you to become more friendly.

Follow the rules and provide the required information and maybe some other user can help you to solve your problem

Is there an appliance, VM or docker image that would be upgraded as a whole so you don’t have to do “anything” ever?
I exported my content and installed a new VM, so I am good for now but I need something, that will run “forever”.

self-hosting complex application like Nextcloud will always require special attention. There are projects like Hansson VM, NCP or Nextcloud AiO trying to provide good value for people how don’t like spending time with system administration but each project still requires some attention from time to time… and (in my eyes) there can’t be self-hosted Nextcloud running “itself” forever. If you need such take a look at “managed Nextcloud” offers from different hosters.