Official documentation - foreign languages

we are some (4 at least) interested in creating user documentation in french.
I heared about german user doc, in addition to english one…
Is it possible to initiate this for french language? What’s the procedure? What are conditions?
Enhancement issue already opened for this:
Thanks for reply/advice.


have you tried, already?
at least this is the place where the localization of nextcloud is taking place.

Already registered on it, but haven’t seen any documentation translation there (I will ask french translation group to be sure).

I confirm that Transifex have only server, plugins and clients strings to translate (principally everything hosted on the Nextcloud Github organization).

my bad… sorry.
but i knew there was something… so well… this seems to be the place. but how and why and where this is going to the documentation, i just don’t know

I am one of the 4 people who want to translate the user documentation in french.
We have already done part of the job but we want to find the good process to have it connected with the french version and to be updated with le delivery of each new version.
Are they other people interested with this (in french ou in other languages).
I suggest to create a new category (Documentation) in this forum.

I would like to provide documentation in French to my users and I am ready to contribute to the translation.
However, I do not know how to proceed.


have you checked out this one from above, already?

See Nextcloud user manual translation and - we are getting there.

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