Office online - Collaboration issue

We are facing a strange issue with Office online and collaboration.
1st, let me describe our environnement.
Nextcloud version is 23.04 with php 8.0.18 and mysql 10.3.
We are connected thrue SMB to a NAS and we have AD users.

The issue we have detected is when multiple users want to work on the same documents at the same moment (collaboration).
If we open a excel sheet which is located on our SMB share, we can’t see multiple users working on the document.
If we open the same file but located on a local nextcloud folder then we can see mutiple users working on the file (the names appears, we see updates on the file live, …).
Does someone have already seen this problem ?
Many thanks

Do you use “Session credentials” or “Username and password” for your SMB Integration?


Thanks for fast reply :slight_smile:
We use “Session credential, save in database”

In this case, see the following comment on GitHub:

Since Collabora does an anonymous request to Nextcloud, the session login data is not available then and therefore access to the external storage is not possible.

You need to switch to “Username and password” for this to work.