Office editor basic excel word

What is the easiest, safest way and with fewer installation processes. To have a word, excel and txt text editor?
Do I only require the basics?

The use will be locally lan

thank you.

Well the easiest is generally by installing these two apps alongside each other:

  • Nextcloud Office
  • Built-in CODE Server - Collabora Online

But there are some tradeoffs:

  • does not work in musl (e.g. alpine) environments
  • slower than a dedicated CODE Server or container

Text however is built-in to Nextcloud already.

Hi @infinityysteel, it depends on which type of file you are using. Collabora app (Nextcloud office) may be appropriate only if you are not using Microsoft Office documents on your server. Alternatively, onlyoffice can open this type of document ( some options of PowerPoint or Excel are not working). In case you want to use onlyoffice, Community Document Server ( onlyoffice server provided by nextcloud) is not very stable so I recommend installing onlyoffice server manually :