Office cannot save files from shared SMB storage

I have mounted external storage via SMB at administrator level. I distribute these as administrator - with all rights (read, write, delete).
As an administrator, I can change and save the files, both in OnlyOffice and in Nextcloud-Office.
However, if I, as a user to whom the SMB folder has been redistributed, want to change files with OnlyOffice or Nextcloud-Office, saving does not work. I get the following error message:

[index] Fehler: Exception: OCA\Files_Versions\Command\Expire::__construct(): Argument #2 ($fileName) must be of type string, null given, called in /daten/homepages/nextcloud/apps/files_versions/lib/Storage.php on line 743 in file '/daten/homepages/nextcloud/apps/files_versions/lib/Command/Expire.php' line 46 at <<closure>>

0. /daten/homepages/nextcloud/lib/private/AppFramework/App.php line 172
1. /daten/homepages/nextcloud/lib/private/Route/Router.php line 298
2. /daten/homepages/nextcloud/lib/base.php line 1030
3. /daten/homepages/nextcloud/index.php line 36

POST /index.php/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/53497_ocg5xk2eaipv/contents?access_token=48eBLorh5cYErjscmrAVxKFt8UM9CqIo&access_token_ttl=0%2Fws%3FWOPISrc%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2F*******%2Findex.php%2Fapps%2Frichdocuments%2Fwopi%2Ffiles%2F53497_ocg5xk2eaipv&compat=
from **** by **** at ******

I can reproduce the behaviour on different Nextcloud installations.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
NC: 24.0.6

I have the same issue. Any suggestions?

Just found out the problem lies with versioning - when I disabled that all was fine again