Office 365 Apps Nextcloud App Communication Problem


my nextcloud installation is running very well. I switched from owncloud to nextcloud recently. In my setup my goal is to give our key account managers access to their files with ipads.

From owncloud i knew that they where also able to open documents stored inside the cloud with the office 365 apps on the tablets.

Now i tried to do the same with nextcloud but wasnt able to open a .doc file stored in the cloud with the word ipad app because the office apps simply dont offer me the nextcloud app as a location for files.

Am i just being blind in setting it up or is there really just no possibility to access the files in the cloud directly via office apps.

I wasnt able to find anything regarding the topic in the last two hours i spent on this simple stuff.

I appriciate any help.


So it is an iOS-related problem, other platforms are not concerned? I moved the topic to ios, please complain if this is wrong.

I cant believe no one has run into this issue before.

Has nobody tried working with documents inside the cloud on a ios device before? I mean the owncloud app already hat the possibility to do it, i just assumed nextcloud would also.

I’ve seen that owncloud appears as cloud storage provider, NC app somehow doesn’t. The owncloud app still works with Nextcloud.

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Next version 2.17 has extension Document Provider :wink:

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That is the information i was hopeing for. Thank you. Do you have an eta for 2.17 for me, maybe?

Besides having to change file permissions manually before using the updater, I get the following error in the update:

Cant handle ZIP file. Error code is: 28

Upgrading from 11.0.0 to 11.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.10 LTS, zip and unzip installed.

Hi there.

I’m testing the NextCloud IOS app version 2.17.3. The document provider, when using Excel 365 is giving me an SSL error when trying to open a document.

When I used the OwnCloud IOS app, I’m able to open document from my NextCloud installation and I’m also able to save directly into the NextCloud server.

Any idea why the NextCloud IOS app is giving SSL error and not OwnCloud?


Does it works for someone?

IOS App: 2.17.3
NextCloud: 11.0.3

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Step to reproduce.

IOS NextCloud version : 2.17.3

  1. Install Microsoft Excel
  2. Link an account.
  3. Select Open
  4. Select … More
  5. On the left, on top, select Location
  6. Select NextCloud on the list. If not there, add it.

On my side, I’m getting:

ERROR: An SSL error has occured and a secure connextion to the server cannot be made.

With Owncloud IOS App, it works.

** Need to say also that when doing that, Office 365 is never reaching my Nextcloud server. There is nothing in my reverse proxy log, but with OwnCloud IOS App, I see that my NextCloud server is reached by my IOS device because in my reverse proxy Log, I’m seeing entries.


Thanks a lot @jclgs, this issue is under investigation.


I found something else.

The issue is only when I’m connected outside of my internal network.

From outside, all my cloud communication pass in a squid reverse proxy. This is what the reverse proxy is giving me when using NextCloud IOS App and Office 365. If using Owncloud, I’m not getting this error…
Error negotiating SSL connection on FD 159: error:1408A0C1:SSL routines:ssl3_get_client_hello:no shared cipher (1/-1)

Is there a more secure SSL protocol used in the Nextcloud app instead of OwnCloud. SSLv3, TLS, Cipher …?

I’m trying to find where the bug is, but it’s hard. One thing, playing with the NextCloud IOS app only, it’s working well, The issue is when we used Office 365 and NextCloud, nothing work to open or save document.

Office 365 -> NextCloud IOS app -> NextCloud Server = Working
Office 365 -> NextCloud IOS app -> Squid Reverse proxy = Not working
Office 365 -> OwnCloud IOS app -> Squid Reverse proxy = Working


Fixed on next version 2.17.4

Wow, good news. Thanks for your incredible help.

Do you know when it will be released into the app store for download? I’m waiting about that to start my deployment to my users.


Sorry, I don’t know … but I think soon :wink:



Don’t want to put preasure but are you able to give us an estimat?. Will be few days, few weeks, months? Our users IOS users are waiting the new release that will allow them to open and save directly from O365 IOS app.

Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the release of 2.17.4.

I will test it and let you know if it’s all set.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bad news.

I’m able to open files from Office 365 on IOS, but when I modified a document and save it, it does not save to NextCloud. It looks like it save it directly on the iPhone.

OwnCloud app, when I hit save, it saves the document to NextCloud server. The only thing, I need to go on the OwnCloud IOS app to trigger the transfer between iPhone and NextCloud server.

It should be cool also if the NextCloud IOS app allow direct save to the NextCloud server.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open Office Excel 365.
  2. Select Open an Excel document in Excel 365.
  3. Follow the step to open it from NextCloud IOS app.
  4. When the file is opened, change something in it.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Close Excel 365 and wait.
  7. No changes are push to the NextCloud Server.

****** You can create a new document via NextCloud IOS app. It creates it on the server, but with no data in the file.

OwnCloud App works, except that you need to return to the OwnCloud IOS app to get the upload finished. If it can be automatic without going back into the app.

Keep us posted.

Hi, can you create a issue on github ?


Hello Jonathan,

if you disable AutoSave in the IOS Office 365 apps you can select, Save Copy as … and do the same proceedure as with opening files. -> More … > Nextcloud > Directory > Save here

But there is another issue with this, at least at my end, that already happend in the previous version of the app. The files that where generated through ios office 365 apps with the proceedure mentioned above get stored to the nextcloud app as file with a sice of 0.00KB and wont upload.

When i try to open a file that i saved that way, through the office 365 apps again, i get an error message that the file could not be opened. Same in the nextcloud app. They vanish after you clear the cache of your nextcloud app through the settings menu.

Can you please test if this is the same for you? I checked everything i can and cant get rid of this error.

Steps for reproduction:
Go to any ios Office 365 app
Click open
click more …
Select Locations
select nextcloud
browse nextcloud directory to the file you want to edit
open it
disable auto save and save a copy of it to the nextcloud
-> This is were it creates the file with 0.00KB

Saving it to local iphone or ipad works without problems but is no solution to this error.

This already worked in owncloud version 8 + app. Then i moved to nextcloud, because it had some good looking features and everyone hyped it, and now iam stuck. I might have to switch back to owncloud or some other cloud, just because of this stupid little problem since i cant really keep my collegues calm anymore that want to use this on there mobile devices.