OCP/AppFramework/QueryException Error after Updater to 12.0.4

My log is full of exceptions (OCP/AppFramework/QueryException).

Here’s a screenshot of all the messages:

I updated from to 12.0.4 with the updater app and had an issue at Step 10 bring new files in place.
I continued to copy the files manually and finished then the update.
Now I get new errors whenever I open a page in the Admin Menu.

EDIT: The 3 Apps external storage, share by mail and brute force were causing the trouble, the external storage I hade active a while ago but I deactivated it, the others also where deactivated (don’t know if I had them acitve once). I deleted brute force after the update and thats where the troubles started.
After activating the 3 apps no more errors occure.

Also after deactivating them again, everything seems to be ok.

You were missing files, did you manually upload things via ftp?