OCP API documentation?


During development I would consult the OCP API documentation of Nextcloud. I found this under the developer manual documentation.

However when I recently tried to access these documentations, I could no longer find them. I used to be able to find a page for example here, but now it just shows file not found.

Was this documentation removed/moved? Where can I find it now?

Thank you.

I’m not aware of an intentional removal. So I pinged some people to check if something is wrong there.

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sorry for the inconvenience here. We indeed removed them for now as the build was not working and the plan was also to move them to a dedicated location (separated from the main developer docs).

I’ve published a quick build of the API doc from 18 with phpDocumentor here https://bitgrid.net/~jus/nextcloud-phpdoc/namespaces/OCP.html as a temporary solution and I’ll look into how we can bring back the proper documentation pages again.

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Thank you! Good to know the situation.