OCM between Nextcloud and Seafile

Hello, everyone.

I’m a developer of Seafile and I’m developing file/folder sharing between Seafile and Nextcloud via OCM protocol.

I can share a file to Nextcloud now, but when user in Nextcloud open this file, Nextcloud will send this two requests to Seafile

  1. PROPFIND /public.php/webdav/
  2. GET /status.php

My question is:

  1. Is this two requests necessary?
  2. Can the uri /public.php/webdav/ and /status.php be changed to other string? As Seafile uses Python to implement the WebDAV protocol, NOT php.

Looking forward to your response.


Hello, dev community chat at Nextcloud

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Hi @lian-Seafile

Let me give you some background about the requests.

/status.php is requested to check if the server is a Nextcloud server, as there is some additional handling of checking if the share is still available.

There is currently no way to work around that, but maybe @bjoern can share some light what the reason for the special handling was and if that is something that would be possible with OCM already.

The URI of /public.php/webdav seems ot be the fallback in case that endpoint discovery does not return a value:

I could only find a reference in the proposal discussion, but this would be https://github.com/cs3org/OCM-API/pull/37

Hope this helps. Let me know if there are any further questions.


Thanks for your reply.

So, this two api /status.php and /public.php/webdav are used specific for OCM share between Nextcloud servers?

Now Seafile can:

1, receive share from Nextcloud.
2, open shared file from Nextcloud on Seafile side.
3, share file to Nextcloud.

but when I try to let Nextcloud user can open shared file from Seafile on Nextcloud side, I encountered the problem.

How can I finish the last step without using /status.php or /public.php/webdav?