Occ takes extremely long even for no-op


I am using Nextcloud 20.0.2 (pulled today) with the official Docker images (nextcloud / mariadb). It works fine so far, but today I noticed that occ takes a long time, even for no-ops. That behavior was not existent at my last occ interaction, which was probably after the 19->20 upgrade. For example, a simple query for version takes 45s:

% time docker exec -u www-data nextcloud_app_1 php occ -V
# wait happens here
Nextcloud 20.0.2
docker exec -u www-data nextcloud_app_1 php occ -V  0.03s user 0.01s system 0% cpu 45.353 total

The server’s load is almost zero. Other commands invoked with docker exec, such as only php take no time.

What can cause the waiting time of the occ command?


Later I noticed that Nextcloud itself shows the same delay, which was unbearable. I fixed by disabling the Collabora app.