Occ files:scan duration

I just migrated 7TB of data to a new server. im now doing a occ files:scan. I was wondering if anyone knows how to calculate the expected amount of time this process should take? since occ files:scan doesn’t have any output i have no way of knowing how far along it is.

Hard to say… Depends of the performance of your system, disks etc… With 7TBs it could be multiple hours I geuss.

The next time you could use it with the “–verbose” option. If you run occ files:scan --verbose it shows the files and directories being processed in realtime, but no calculation of the estimated time until it’s finished unfortunatly.

if anyone cares this was the results

| Folders | Files | Elapsed time |
| 53674 | 162530 | 44:35:14 |