OCC Configuration of "Global Credentials"

I’m setting up a new nextcloud system via command line. Things are going great with OCC, but I’m now configuring external storage settings.

I want to set the system-wide “global credentials” as found under “admin login” -> “settings” -> “administration” -> “External Storages” but using the OCC tool.

Anyone know if this is possible using existing OCC tricks or any other command line alternative to the web interface method?

Thanks for any help!

Have your read the docs about occ?
Personally I have not enabled any external storage and so my output of

./occ list

does not show anything regarding storage.

Please check list of commands on your system.

Thanks for the info, yes I’ve been through the docs and many iterations of digging through output of occ list, occ config:list, occ app:config. So far no way to create these global credentials outside of the GUI.

I found the “oc_credentials” table in SQL contains the record after its been entered in the web gui. I was thinking about attempting to hash the password somehow and store it directly to avoid the gui for this config item. Any thoughts on that approach? it looks like the salt is stored in the config.php file, I just need to find out how to salt and hash the password correctly so I can inject it via SQL directly. I’ll probly need to get some input from the devs to get this all accomplished.

Or perhaps there’s a “curl” method i could use to invoke the web gui method, but from the command line?