Oc_share is OK but no shares are visible

Nextcloud 23.0 on a Debian 10 with Apache.

Issue: after a database crash due to a full filesystem we rebooted the machine, increased the FS and manage to restart the mysql (mariadb) service. Maybe a bad idea: we TRUNCATE (not DELETE) the oc_filecache table that was >100Go and makes problems.

All seems OK but no shares (at least shares on groups) are visible at all. Some shares are visible, but they are shares to users.

We have a clone of this machine. I checked the content of oc_share and it is the same on both this machine and its clone (mostly: there are few more entries in the running nextcloud, but it’s new shares from the time the cloning happens).

I tried to disable/enable file sharing app, I performed a occ file:scan --all without success.

Sharing works fine: I shared a directory with a group and I can see it.

Any clue about how to recover existing shares?