Oc_mounts upgrade to bigint


we recently upgraded to version 13 from version 12 to allow filecache fields to be moved from int(11) to bigint(20) for the obvious reasons

since the we have hit an issue with the mounts table where root_id is still int(11)

is there a reason this field was not upgraded to bigint as part of db:convert-filecache-bigint

Exception during scan: An exception occurred while executing ‘INSERT INTO oc_mounts (storage_id,root_id,user_id,mount_point,mount_id) SELECT ?,?,?,?,? FROM oc_mounts WHERE root_id = ? AND user_id = ? HAVING COUNT(*) = 0’ with params [162986, 2147487462, “user1”, “/user1/”, null, 2147487462, “user1”]:

SQLSTATE[22003]: Numeric value out of range: 1264 Out of range value for column ‘root_id’ at row 1