oC issues while mounting big filesets


I guess it’s kinda strange talking about oC in my title.
I write in here maybe (hopefully) to migrate to nC !

The problem is this one :

I have to create an instance of oC/nC (whatever, no ties) in order to share with peoples from outside my compagny.

  • To do that i have to mount our shared FS which size is 1Pb.
  • Besides, that compagny of mine host 500+ employees.

Right now on oC, i have an oc_filecache growing way too fast and too much despite the fact that i only have 5 test users on it whom have created one or two shares (but not using any of it).

I already have disabled versioning in the administrative backend, which allowed me to go from an “exponential db growth” to a … softer one (but still unacceptable for a production environment. i don’t think that my boss would be pleased to buy an other Petabyte just to host the DB).

The question is :

Would using nC instead solve my issue or does it uses the same kind of “mechanics” as oC ?